Here are the Services We Perform for One Real Estate Client

  • Develop a complete understanding of the business in order to ensure proper
    coverage and coordinate with senior management in order to ensure constant
    improvement in risk management procedures.
  • Manage relationships with third party service providers, including brokers and insurers, to ensure that the interests of the firm and its clients are being properly addressed.
  • Monitor claims, review loss control activities and ensure that insured litigation is being addressed in a manner that minimizes the potential for adverse impact on the firm’s coverage.
  • Oversee all insurance renewals, including: blanket property and casualty, business interruption, error and omissions, directors and officers, crime, flood & earthquake, and worker’s compensation. Manage tiered multi-level insurance programs with primary and excess coverages.
  • Act as the liaison to attorneys, management companies, insurance - companies and individuals, investigating any incidences that may result in asset loss.
  • Provide strategic guidance/direction in the execution of the firm’s risk activities.
  • Prepare loss analyses and budgets, identify exposures and recommend solutions.
  • Prepare insurance language for the firm’s form contracts and participate in the negotiation of any such insurance clauses to ensure that third parties maintain appropriate coverage to protect the firm’s and its clients’ interests.
  • Regularly review vendor, tenant, borrower and partner insurance requirements, as established in master agreements, and monitor compliance with such requirements.
  • Manage the collection of insurance certificates required to be provided by
    tenants, contractors and others pursuant to contractual requirements with
    respect to the assets managed by us to establish independent verification of
    compliance with such requirements.
  • Manage application process, preparing spreadsheets listing required
    information, including insurable values, property attributes, etc.
  • Maintain spreadsheets that summarize all of the coverages, exclusions, and
    other areas of coverage.
  • Review pricing of insurance coverage for new acquisitions to ensure
  • Maintain complete and accurate files related to insurance policies and claims
    and comply with the organizational framework of the Firm.
  • Prepare reports to clients on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis.
  • Writing comprehensive letters explaining property issues, status, investment strategy and development of guidelines with respect to each