Covid - 19 Preparing and Maintaining Operations

At Hicks Risk Consulting Inc., our goal is to quickly identify the problem, evaluate and find the optimal solution to get your business back on track. In times of crisis, you can count on us to provide the support needed to stabilize your business and make the right decisions. One error in the workplace can have devestating effects on your business and potentially cause a major disruption in operations.  

A Path to Opening During the Covid 19 Pandemic:

  • Analysis of the current plan in place for reopening and safety protocols related to Covid 19 as it relates to OSHA, CDC standards, and best practices.  
  • Critical emphasis on employee, customer, contractor, and vendor safety. 
  • Recommend changes and or improvements of the current plan.
  • Putting the plan into action.  
  • Audit the plan
  • Review and continue to improve on results.  
  • Formulate an infection response plan.  

Contact us today to plan on how we can assist you in maintaining operations safely.